Martha Stewart and her team are full of great ideas when it comes to weddings. They provide us with never ending inspiration by creating beautiful floral arrangements, demonstrating step by step fab DIY projects and offering us the best tips and secret tricks of the trade. They're always coming up with something new to 'wow' us.
And who isn't wowed by a Martha Stewart wedding cake? Stay tuned for my next post - a peek at some of the stunning cake creations you can find in this book and on
her website. It's a good thing!

Open the pages and you will find:
- How to decide what style and flavours are right for you, taking into account the season, location and theme of the event.
- Buttercream or fondant? Ganache or meringue? Useful charts explain the delicious materials bakers use so you can choose the ones that suit your taste and style.
- Creative ways to display your cake so it takes center stage at the reception.
- How to find and hire a baker, including questions to ask and contract considerations.
- Ideas for cutting costs without sacrificing quality or beauty.
- Everything you need to know about baking a cake yourself, with complete recipes as well as how-to decorating techniques with color photographs and reference charts.

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  1. Shannon StewartMarch 18, 2009

    Looking forward to your post of Martha's cakes! I'm in desperate need of inspiration.