TerraPass let's you calculate your total wedding carbon footprint by taking into account four different sources of emissions:

1. Airline emissions from guest travel - For most weddings, this is by far the most important category of emissions. Planes burn a lot of fuel, and these days most weddings bring together people from all over the country and the world.
2. Automobile emissions from guest travel - Cars aren't likely to be a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions for your wedding but if you have a lot of local guests, they will collectively burn a modest amount of gasoline getting to the event.
3. Energy use in hotel rooms - Hot showers, lighting, and air conditioning all require electricity. For large weddings, this energy use can add up.
4. Energy use for the wedding itself - The DJ, the caterer, temperature control, lighting - whether you have your wedding on the beach or in a banquet hall, the event itself requires some energy.

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