We can't all have Amy Atlas create a spectacular dessert table for us but here are a few tips from the expert herself to help you create your own:

- Take something that inspires you and create your dessert table around it. The design can be inspired from something as personal as a family heirloom to as simple as the pattern on the host’s invitation. Let the dessert table tell a story about the event so that the dessert not only becomes functional, but becomes part of the event design.

- Create a beautiful backdrop for your dessert table. Décor elements complete the look of a dessert table and a fabulous backdrop is the perfect way to incorporate artistry to the table.

- Pick beautiful linens and unique vessels to dress up your dessert table. Since your sweets will be the star of your dessert table, the linens and vessels should have a coordinated, tailored look.

- Always sample your dessert vendors before using them for your event. A beautiful cake is not always the best tasting cake! The key is to find the right balance.

- Pick desserts that not only look good together, but provide a balance for your guests’ palate.

- Incorporate some type of tag element to dress up the dessert table. This will show your guests how personal your dessert table is. You can do this yourself, or have a graphic designer create personalized tags for you.

- Provide goody bags for your guests as take-home desserts. It is always a treat to give your guests something to take home to remind them of how sweet the day was.

Photo Credits: Amy Atlas

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