When Viva first started coordinating weddings back in 2006, one of the fabulous couples who took a leap of faith and booked a new to the industry wedding coordinator helped to confirm not only my love of weddings but my love of couples who aren't afraid to do something a little different.

While hiring a food truck to feed your guests late night has become a staple for most backyard weddings, back in 2006 when candy buffets were the rage a food truck at your wedding was definitely not the norm. Seeing the jaws drop and the anticipation mount when 11pm rolled around and a food truck pulled up on the back lawn was priceless.

Five years later hiring a food truck for your backyard wedding is as common as hiring a florist to create your centerpieces, a dj to play your music, and a photographer to capture images of your day. Five years later I still love seeing the jaws drop and the anticipation mount when 11pm rolls around and a food truck pulls up on the back lawn.

As new ideas grow in popularity and become more and more common however, people start to wonder if they will survive the test of time or slowly fade away. How do you feel about the late night food truck? Whether it’s pogos and poutine, beaver tails or ice cream, are food trucks just the latest trend or are they here to stay?

Photo Credits: Justin Lee Photography


  1. MrsConnorToBeAugust 29, 2011

    I hope they're here to stay. I want a chip truck at my 2013 wedding.

  2. Michelle M.August 29, 2011

    I never thought cupcakes would last and every wedding I have been to this year served them. I hope food trucks are here to stay too. I still think its a unique idea.

  3. I think this is definitely a trend! Along with the photobooth and candy bar. The next questions is what will be the next one?

  4. Heather HuntjensAugust 30, 2011

    I think you'll still see chip trucks for late night snacks at weddings for a few more years but like all other trends it will eventually fade away.

  5. Yup, chip trucks, cupcakes, candy buffets and photobooths will soon all be a thing of the past.

  6. Cupcakes are going nowhere. We get requests for cupcakes all the time. We're fully booked!

  7. We are getting requests for our chip truck to attend weddings! I hope it stays!