As promised, here are the stories of two lovely couples who chose to help the kids at CHEO on their wedding day. For more information on how you can do the same, contact Julie Léveillé at or call 613-737-2780.

June 2013
Jennifer was a regular patient at CHEO beginning at the early age of two. She was diagnosed with Nephritic Syndrome, a rare kidney disease, and spent fourteen years receiving care at CHEO.
Jennifer eventually met Don and fell in love. Once their wedding day arrived they had a secret plan. In lieu of wedding favours, they decided to donate $500 to CHEO in honour of their guests.
“We chose CHEO as our beneficiary for many reasons,” said Jennifer. “I was a patient coming back and forth for many years. The doctors and nurses at CHEO are amazing and my family and I couldn’t have gotten through without their dedication, compassion and support.”
Jennifer and Don are expecting their first baby in February. Their child will be a special gift and will need special attention from the staff at CHEO when she is born. She has a birth defect which will require some tender loving care and a surgery soon after birth.
“We are so incredibly grateful that we live in this city and are within close proximity to Ontario’s best pediatric hospital,” stated Jennifer. “We have seen many beautiful, brave little faces in that hospital who deserve everything in the world and if our donation can make any type of difference we’re MORE than happy to help.”
July 2012
On a beautiful day in July 2012 Margo and Jerome decided to commit their lives to one another and get married. They shared their special day with 100 friends and family, but that’s not all, they also decided to share their day with the children at CHEO.
Margo and Jerome, similar to many couples these days, got married in their late thirties. They also knew that they wanted to do something unique for their wedding and given their most recent addition to their family, a baby girl, they came to realize that CHEO was the perfect fit.
“We were ready to give to a charity that was meaningful to us,” explained Margo. “Now that we had a new baby girl in our family, we thought that in the event we may one day need CHEO, we should support the hospital.”
Margo and Jerome requested that their guests donate to CHEO in lieu of wedding gifts. Through the generosity of their closest friends and family, Margo and Jerome’s wedding raised $5,190.  They couldn’t have asked for a better gift.
The following spring, Margo and Jerome had an emergency three-night stay at CHEO with their daughter who suffered an asthma attack. According to Margo, “Our experience was excellent and it felt extra special knowing we had contributed to CHEO.”

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