Parents are usually present for each milestone in their child's life so getting married when you've lost a parent can be tough. When it comes to your wedding day there are special ways you can honour their memory if you want to feel as though they're still, in some way, sharing the day with you - but keep in mind that this is a day of celebration! Choose ways to honour them that will give you comfort rather than make you sad. No one should be sad on their wedding day.

- Reserve a seat at the ceremony in their memory
- Attach a locket with their picture to the ribbon of your bouquet
- Pin their wedding ring to the inside of your dress
- Carry the same flowers your mother did when she got married
- Wear a pair of your father's cufflinks
- Have your officiant dedicate a prayer or reading to them at your ceremony
- Include them in your programs
- Set up a small table at your reception with their picture and light a candle beside it in their honour
- Place your bouquet on their grave the day after your wedding

Photo Credits: Derrick Rice Photography

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